the merry christmas

It’s december now, and it’s the christmas month! Everyone loves christmas and always having so much plannings about the christmas dinner or party. Everywhere with christams decoration, everyone having the christmas holidays.. I remember I got a lot of christams presents last year, it was like yesterday, having dinner at TGI, took photos at laysan and jo‘s place, and fui arrived in newcastle at the next day.. hmph..

Today, I’m trying to search some x’mas songs through the net, there are tons of christmas songs, I don’t know which one I should take and paste on my xanga! After all, I prefer those like oldies christmas songs, those are so suit for like the snowy christmas and everyone stay inside the cosy house which fulled of candle lights, having the hot warmy turkey, sitting beside the christams tree and exchanging the presents, yuletide carols..and so on. Haha, at the end I choose the SantaBaby by Marilyn. I guess this is only for few days, because I found so much which I love like TheChristmasSong by Stacey Kent, this is a very touching song!! And Frank Sinatra’s Santa Clause Is Coming To Town, this is like the song which playing when I was so young in the cartoon.



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