Hard Cheese!

Oh my god, what I did recently and the God felt that was sooo wrong?
I am going to crazy soon! PLEASE HELP ME, first I thought was monitor problem but then graphic card, and then I thought was cpu problem but the was software problem and I had no idea to those viruses! OH MY GOD! Tonight, what’s the next, is speaker!!! That’s BOSE, you know? Hey, the great BOSE! haha..okay, I should not overstate how wonderful the BOSE is, but at least it is definite not the fragility one, agree?
When I got back home from mamak just now, I was elated because fui called me! Then, I turned on the computer
after the call, dragged some songs into my playlist, enjoyed the songs at next! And, for sure, you know what I want to say now! I was exploded, I gave up, I did not know what to do ANYMORE!
So, I decided to use another speaker then, that’s EDIFIER, even better (I mean I can listen to SOUND) Haha.. that’s funny because I felt that I was like lost something when I was listening to the songs.. I guess is the base of each song.. I just can’t get use to the music suddenly *lol* I decided to try again, the last one! YEAH!!! I know the God is not that bad to me! The songs playing with BOSE again, very great!! I hope it can continue until the end of world, please!!!
I am headache now, guess that’s because of the radation of speaker, can anyone tell me is that any radiation of the speaker?
Okay okay, all and all, forget about the speaker! My day was not that bad actually, me, wanmei and wenling went to Neway at JayaSquare today, The karaoke is better than Redbox at everywhere! Tasty foods, comfortable furnishment, and very cheap!! We had a excited-3-hour! Nonetheless, I and wanmei had another killing-3-hour probate tutorial at night! *sigh* More to go in this week! God, give me strength, I am afraid that I can’t take the CLP anymore!

The life must full of laughters and happiness..I know..


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