Holidays started

Yay, it’s holiday (my holiday), as everyone is still working, even my sis, lin. So, I guess I’m the one most free now! I can’t wait until saturday, because everyone then can join me to enjoy the holidays.. *lol* Selamat Aidilfitri  But on the other hand, I just hope the time passes slow, so that I can stay here for longer time, that’s sad!

I just got back home at Sunday, or I should say Monday? haha.. Firstly, we had a birthday celebration at yiyi’s on Monday night, that’s granpa’s birthday! Nice dinner, nice gathering..everything was so nice! Yesterday, which is Tuesday then, I and fui supposed to get some nice foods during Bulan Ramadan at FujiPark, but we can’t make it! Many of us (which include me and fui, two victors, anna, jessie, chia, cz, khiong..) watched BourneUltimatum at night, that’s really bad (for me)! I felt soooo dizzy at the end of movie, wanted to throw up, that’s not because of something disgusting in the movie but the shots in the movie are soooo terrible, I was like on the roller coaster since the time I got my ass on the seat in the cinema!

Last but not least, today is VictorHa’s birthday, Happy 26th! Have a blissful birthday!

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