I’m wondering what’s going on in KL? It’s freaking hot, and I gonna melt soon!

The best way to stay in the HOT situation, is TAKE OFF the clothes, that’s what Chungwai told me! *lol* And I found out it’s work a bit, ah no..I just can feel it when I was taking my shower,  but not in front of the screen now! hehe.. It’s unbelievable great of taking a dip to cool off myself! I am starting to fall in love with the cold water now, I can’t live without it!!

Somemore, I and Wanmei had a pot of hot soup this afternoon, it’s like ridiculous, don’t we? hahaha..

Hmph, should we find a new place? We need a nice, cheap and ‘air-con’ed rooms please..hehe

Anyway, dinner soon.. two pieces of roti canai and a ice-cold COKE! gotta run now!

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