me in KL

Hmph, college students in KL sleep late and wake up late, that’s normal, but unwholesome!

I want to be a healthy girl, I wish I can! So, I need to sleep early, and then wake up early at the morning (perhaps..), cook myself in home, don’t always eat mamak foods..etc etc.. haha, can I?

I am downloading a lot of movies and dramas from the websites (shhhh..yesh, I’m doing law by the way!)! But they can help me (and Wanmei) to get over the boring life a bit.. Normally, we only have classes at the weekend! So, study during the weekdays? Of course, that’s what we need to do!! (haven’t start yet. 🙂 Also, thanks God, James drives us back! It’s good if he can bring us to college too!

CLP is killing me! Jason(Lee) told me CLP is just like living in a wretched life, and he is waiting for his result now, good luck to you man! Urgh, for what James told me, he is not attempts to pass at first, and perhaps the second time! Hmph, nono.. I can’t think like that way, I wish I could.. *pray hard* , hope to have a good memory work!


more is coming.

time to sleep, tata.

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