PF first year anniversary

This is the late entry for PF day!

We had a great night on 2nd of Aug.

We celebrated our anniversary at Semporna, haha..can you believe it?

The last time I been in Semporna was 15 years ago?

Thanks sweetheart, for all your surprises, I’m so happy!

p/s: We took some pics in Semporna but the pics are not with me now,

I will upload as soon as possible!


we have lots of memories through the year,

That’s blissful to have the same memory between us,

it’s like two different ppl have the same thinking, always..

that’s so amazing!

This is only the starting,

I can see our future,

that’s very beautiful..I believe

I am so glad to have you in my life!

Please be with me forever,

I need you..

I love you!

 Spray I Love You 


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