Finally_My Congregation!

I just go back from London, and I’m so tired now! But, I’m thinking it’s the time to update my weblog here as it’s such a long time I didn’t touch my xanga during the trips.

I know I know, I have tons of pics that I wanna share with you all hehe.. The pics I took at Amsterdam, Paris, London etc..

But today, what I want to share is one of the most important moments in my life ever!



Finally! I’m done!

I’m so happy that my family was there! My granpa, mum, dad, sis, aunty, and Fui! Also, all my lovely classmates. Hey, We did it! (or, I did it!) Thanks for all the supports! I really appreciate it! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Some photos we all took together! Let see..

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