Thanks God!

Results are out and I’m graduating! I can’t believe it!  I was sooo nervous while waiting for the result, but luckily mummy and sister were just by my side!  Dad was happy with it after I sent out a message to him just now! I know they can’t sleep well last night and I’m the one always make them worry!  WHY? I’m not steady enough!! Sorry about that! I’m just.. hmph..don’t know!  And Fui, he was just like waiting for his own result! LOL. I’m sure that all of them are happy with it, even more than me I guess!

Congratulation to all my friends! Especially Laysan and Jovena, FIRST CLASS, I know I can’t do it forever! hahahaha.. And Wanmei, that’s worth for us to wait for yea? CHEERS! Vendee, no pressure no worry anymore right? 😛 Janey, congratulation gal, you got what you want! James, Yokesan, Ryan, JunYee, Jasmine..etc etc.. Finally! YEEPEE! Besides, Alson and Conan too! We are graduating.

I’m going to Italy with mummy and sister at this coming thursday, and then meet up dad, granpa, fui and aunty at London. We all are going to Amsterdam and Paris before the ceremony! Hey, what a good graduation celebration! I Love you all! THANK YOU!

Praise the God

Stop here, dinner soon..

 Heart Glasses 

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