Owwwww!! I hate assignments, I hate exams..It’s about 3am now,headache,headache..My brain is completely blank now.  I’m thinking about a month later,oh yea, it’s wanmei’s b’day!hehe..  NO more assignments, exams OVER..blah blah blah..  HEY!! Am I thinking too much now? I really hate the life now!!!! I am looking forward to the day home! I miss baba, miss mummy, miss lin, miss king king, miss yiyi, miss uncle, miss jason, janet, jennifer, jerome, miss yeye and popo!! OF COURE, I miss fui too!!  and gugus guzhangs victor da&siao jiejie, all my buddies…arghhhhh… okay, It’s time to take my late shower, I can’t sleep without the smell! Creep into the bed before the I see the sunlight!! Goood Night!

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