How to survive?

I just found this in

10 foods tough to digest!


1. Fried Chicken nugget (I love it! Especially in McD!)

2. Spicy foods (Oh, I though Malaysian can’t live without even a bit of chilli?)

3. Choclate (I’m thinking of Wanmei)

4. Citrus juice (Anyone don’t like juice?)

5. Mashed potatoes (I really love it! But I can’t get it in England’s KFC)

6. Raw onion (Lucikly I’m not so fancy to it!)

7. Ice-cream (I just ate it last night)

8. Broccoli and raw cabbage (Can you believe it?)

9. Beans (I miss green bean soup, and red bean soup as well)

10. Sugar-free gum (yeah, finally I found one that I don’t like!)

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