The IP article..

It was sooo boring!

I’m preparing for my IP seminar now,

I found something interesting in the passing off article, hehe..

There is a paragraph stated that :-

Final whistle? In the light of Linkin Park, this result was on the cards. Sir Alex is nothing if not determined and his lawyers are apparently planning an appeal to the High Court … wait for it … on human rights grounds, namely a breach of the non-discrimination principle under Art.14 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Perhaps Sir Alex should have followed Joe Cole’s example by seeing a clairvoyant years ago and registering his name as a trade mark before he became famous. Joe Cole obviously had very good advisers when he applied to register his name while he was still a reserve at West Ham.”

Linkin Park, Alex Ferguson, and JOE COLE! hehehe..

I know there is nothing special, but the law is just..

Although there is only a small thing..but it could make me not sleepy anymore! A while, perhaps..

I never know that Joe Cole had registered his name as a trade mark.. cool..  

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