BeeBoo BeeBoo….

Time: Thursday Night, it’s 2.00am actually, so, I think that’s Friday?

Venue: Stephenson Building, Stoddart Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I’m not sure if he is a French or English, he did something stupid anyway…

He put a bowl with mee, but without water into the microwave!




Fire engine!!!!

Sure that’s not RedZone’s fault!

This time is BlueZOne.

That’s freaking cold man!! I could hardly take a nice picture as my hands were shivering..

Everyone just ran out with pyjamas or t-shirt and pants..

I wondered why some people can walk out with “full-gear”..haha..

I mean with coat, shoes, hat, glove ..etc..




The strong wind.. *phew phew phew…*


When is the next time?  Crazy  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

Anyway, as wanmei said “fire alarm is innocent”.. don’t blame it~ hahaha

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