Our saturday.

  It’s not special..

But we try to be special..  Na-na-na-na 

We went to Uni to buy our text books..

DSC00256 DSC00257

After that, we decided to go China Town_Jasmine.

The egg tart there is savoury..



And the honey lemon which I miss so much..


How to say this in english? It’s tasty, and I love it.


We decided to watch a movie.. THE DEPARTED as the first movie we watched in UK.

hmm.. I fall asleep at the beginning of the movie..

I just want to say that to remake a movie is not easy..

We took some pictures before the movie again..

DSC00276 Wanmei said that’s the korean look! Oppss..

DSC00278 She is the real Vendee.

It’s time to walk to ODEON CINEMA, it’s situated in THE GATE.



I love the snacks outside the cinema very very much!

DSC00287 DSC00288

DSC00294 DSC00295


Can I take all back?? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee  Wakka Wakka 

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