Cheer Up!

There must be some unhappiness or sad things in our life..

And we cannot expect that we can get what we wish or hope for so long as,

We just need to accept it and try to involve to what we actually don’t want, perhaps..

It’s not “force”, but the life is mutual one..

We want others to get into our life, so we also need to take one more step to other’s life..

To know each other..

Then, we can have a better and happy life..

As the world is not only one kind or type of people..

Look around of your friends, she is thin, she is tall, he is fat, he is…

Even the outlook is not same, how about for the inside..

I just realise that the world or our life is just like a movie..

But, I hope that’s the interesting movie, without sadness.

We can make our life become beautiful…

So, forget the sadness, quarrel, envy, hate..etc..

As there are sooooo many new, happy, love to wait for us..

What for we still stay on the same stage and don’t want to take a pace forward?

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