Alnwick Castle

Me, Wanmei, Laysan, Jovena, Vendee, Conan, and Alson went to ‘Hogwarts’ today!

Alnwick Castle_ Harry Potter Castle

Exhausted, but we are happy!

It was a long journey,

It took two hours to arrive there.

Here’s the part of the photos..

DSC00104 Train or bus? We decided to take bus.

DSC00123 On the long long long way..

DSC00126 Almost there…Smile~

DSC00134 Arrived_Alnwick

DSC00141 Entrance

DSC00155 Peaceful

 DSC00160 DSC00177 


DSC00194 Someone’s wedding? I love this view!

More photos will be uploaded soon 🙂

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