DSC00025 He is Chungwai.

This morning, Chungwai rang up me to go out..

So, I and wanmei went to China Town to find him and Song.

After that, he went to attend Family Law lecture with us.  Dizzy 

Then, we went to Monument to meet Song there..

We walked to The Quayside.

Again, we took a lot of pictures there!  Teethy 

DSC00017 DSC00019

Walked across the Millennium Bridge to Baltic Centre.

DSC00021 DSC00023

DSC00029 DSC00030

Inside the Baltic Centre..5th Floor

DSC00035 DSC00038

Some pics we “stole” in the centre  Cool

DSC00040 DSC00046

DSC00047 DSC00045

DSC00048 DSC00049

Then, we walked to the “Peanut” (The Sage Gateshead), It’s international music centre.

On the way,

DSC00050 Wanmei, Vendee and Alson

DSC00051 ShockedMini and BMW 6 series! I want!

DSC00056 Here it is.

DSC00059 DSC00060

One of the best angles of the Bridge.


DSC00062 DSC00065

Fooling around.

Hungry..we decided to go to China Town again..

DSC00075 Sunset

DSC00079 DSC00086

DSC00087 DSC00089

Waiting for bus..

And finally,

DSC00090 DSC00094

DSC00091 DSC00093

Eat, eat ,eat…

It’s time to say goodbye~


Byebye, Chungwai! When I can see you again??

I’m so happy today!! You guys??

It’s such a long time I didn’t meet up with Chungwai!


As brother, as best friend.. I will miss you!

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