The Pieces of Our Memories

Shanshui’s Night

Part I- We are crazy.

 IMG_0069 What’s wrong with me and Jiun?

IMG_0073 Everybody, looking at Jiun..

IMG_0099 Kear, enjoying huh?

IMG_0113 erm..Jiun again..



IMG_0128 That’s Jefferson

IMG_0127 Jefferson was so “high”!

IMG_0129 Listening to Jiun..

Part II- We love to take pictures.

IMG_0076 with Kear.

IMG_0078 Jiun and Lynn

IMG_0077 Kear

IMG_0114 Jiun

IMG_0117 Jeff.

IMG_0106 Obviously, that’s Wanmei

IMG_0136 Lynn

IMG_0137 Allen

Part III- Triple shots.

IMG_0085 one

IMG_0086 two (I missed it)

IMG_0087 three

IMG_0088 one

IMG_0089 two

IMG_0090 three

IMG_0091 one

IMG_0092 two

IMG_0093 three (I missed again)

IMG_0095 one

IMG_0096 two

IMG_0098 three (we are cute..keke..)

Part IV- What happen to Jefferson? He is just…heavy or fat?

IMG_0082 Jeff’s job

IMG_0097 Kear was trying to help him

IMG_0124 hmm…

IMG_0121 Sleeping on the floor is better

I miss you all~~  Rolling Eyes 

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