Just For You!

I just read your blog..

It’s bad I can’t leave message there and I don’t know what’s the problem!

I feel so bad because I’m not there when you was crying!

But, maybe it’s good as you just can cry out crazily without me!

So that you will not feel shy.

I don’t know what should I say and I don’t know whether is it “ngam” feel or not..

Anyway, cheer up!!

Since I stil can feel that you’re okay when I hear your sound in phone! Right?

But, I just found that you know how to pretend..

You’re always the “daughter” in your parents’ eyes..

There is always “insufficient” for human being..

Your parents are just worry ( I think) but ..like you said in your blog..

Hm.. but sometime we really need a way or a reason to express our feel..

Cry, is a good way..but guys, don’t cry too much!!

Hey, since your eyes not so big as you know..

I don’t know whether your eyes will swell up after today or not..

Eh..Just be happy!! okay?

Enjoy your shopping and eating there..

In your blog, seems like there are many programmes wait for you..

You are strong, Don’t you?

But I really don’t know, since you always say that you’re strong! (actually you just can lift up a chair only.)

Happy Happy Happy and Happy!!

And Just for you!!!

(I think tht’s not the ugly pic, but can’t see the “main point” on your face )

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