teacher teacher, what is your name?

Today is my first day in SPA. (while waiting for the confirmation outside)

Kids keep asking me the same question “teacher teacher, what is your name?” haha

SPA is really different from those traditional schools, no blackboard or white board, but we need to go through with student one by one. They have their own table just like the tables in the library, and you can’t see who’s sitting beside you, and that’s your own ‘office’. You can see how they decorate their own office too. hehe.

And there’s no need for teacher to score their works but they have to raise their own flag and ask our prermission to score themselves with the score key.

The important thing is, I’m having the lunch in school with other teachers and students every afternoon. *sob sob*, suppose to be with my sweetheart, eating and watching dramas at the break time..  That’s the only thing I want to complain.