Last Friday

I guess that Fui was having a great night and chilling with his friends all the night at KK last Friday.

And I was attending Jerome’s school, St.Patrick Anglican Academy, awards night!

It’s like a graduation day for the students, but that was held at the night! Wow, it’s my first time to attend a night time graduation ceremony. They called awards night.

I was having quite a good time there, and I managed to meet up some of my ex-students. I am still enjoying to listen ‘miss lizzzzzz’. They really like to shout out the ‘lizzzzzz’, until I look at them. Hahahaha..

Jerome was awarded that night, and everyone of us felt surprise even himself. haha! It’s Outstanding Godly Character Award.


This board was prepared by the students.


Pastor Chak and Principal Amy Chin.


We can’t miss this shoot, great Jerome.


He is so happy.


2009- Jerome Tang, Since 2004.


I met my playschool teacher. Oh god, I mean she was my teacher when I was 3-4 years old. Can you imagine it? Unexpected!


Jennifer, Jerome and Yiyi.


Beloved cousins.


He only can keep this until the next year January.


ChuJinJett. Yes, that’s their school uniform, polo tee. How smart.


Kitty (with glasses), she is awared Principal’s award of the year. and then Yiksin, the guy is Vincent Chee, don’t you think he’s smart, I always think that when I was in the class. *tee-hee*


And the little guy is Vincent’s brother, Vano Chee.


That’s all for the night, yea, I can’t manage to take all the photos with all the students.

Very good school, small but smart, and you can know all the students in the school within few days, that’s why I like this.


It’s time to bed, and my sweetheart don’t know I’m going to LahadDatu again at tomorrow. Take care my sweetheart and enjoy your night! Today, I love you so much too.

I want to cry..

Today, the principal, Amy, told me I need to stay in Prudent learning center (students between 13-16 years old) until the end of month as there’s short of staff and 3 supervisors (teachers) are not enough!

I am so upset!

I like to stay in Resourceful learning center (students between 7-12 years old), and I already mentioned to principal at the day one I would only feel comfortable if I stay in that class.

Why? The purpose I went into the school because of kids, not because of I want to be a teacher!

Should I stay, and the pay is not much as I expected also because I’m only taking short term.


God, please listen to my prayer that what I really want.

Actually I can’t wait until my new job.



这个礼拜,我都在St.Patrick Academy当老师呢!









我们都是一直和学生们留在Learning Center。

然后学生们都是自己set goal,在goal card上面写明天打算做多少面的功课。

遇到问题就问老师,不是举手,是举旗子。功课是自己改,每个星期做完一本功课之后就自己向老师申请几时想要考试。没有做完的功课,要向老师申请homework assingment等等等等。







teacher teacher, what is your name?

Today is my first day in SPA. (while waiting for the confirmation outside)

Kids keep asking me the same question “teacher teacher, what is your name?” haha

SPA is really different from those traditional schools, no blackboard or white board, but we need to go through with student one by one. They have their own table just like the tables in the library, and you can’t see who’s sitting beside you, and that’s your own ‘office’. You can see how they decorate their own office too. hehe.

And there’s no need for teacher to score their works but they have to raise their own flag and ask our prermission to score themselves with the score key.

The important thing is, I’m having the lunch in school with other teachers and students every afternoon. *sob sob*, suppose to be with my sweetheart, eating and watching dramas at the break time..  That’s the only thing I want to complain.