I don’t want to leave, seriously

I am having the great days in Tawau, and I really hope the time will stop so that I no need to get my ass back to KL and study! *urgh*

Yesterday was dad’s birthday, also AuntySusan, my jiu mu (mum’s sister-in-law) came back from Perth with Claudia (my cousin), and we had a yummylicious sea-food dinner at the seaside. Lin was not there with us, too bad of you haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA

Mum and Fui said I am just like an old people, back pain, waist pain, everywhere pain, and always sick… Please God, I need a healthy Phui back. Fui suggested we’re going to play badminton tomorrow, BUT, Ken was just back from KK and they are going to have the meeting at tomorrow, I guess we can’t make it!!

Argh, I have too much things to do in Tawau, but I have don’t have time to catch up all.

Okay, dinner and church. take care everyone.